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We are proud to be certified cruelty free, vegan, vegetarian and Halal.

Mineral products

Mineral products

List of benefits is endless, but let’s focus on the main ones:
• Pure minerals mean you can use it on sensitive, acne-prone and rosacea skin.
• It has fewer ingredients than traditional drugstore makeup products, which means there is lesser chance of skin irritation.
• It comes from nature – 100% mineral.
• It won’t clog your pores.
• Coverage is buildable from light to full.
• It is great for any skin type.
• It is easy to apply – just a few quick circular motions and the flawless skin is achieved.
• It is long lasting – one application in the morning and you are ready for a day ahead.
• It offers natural, built-in SPF.
• It is versatile – you can create any look you want.

Worth to know

It is much easier than it appears, but it takes a few important steps to achieve flawless, mineral look.
  • • A high quality mineral product:
    • ◦ Look for mineral products from acknowledge manufacturers.
    • ◦ Take a look at the ingredients list: it should be short and there should be no talc, no additives, no perfumes etc.
    • ◦ Choose certified products.
  • • A high quality kabuki brush is another key factor. Without kabuki brush you won’t be able to take advantage of all the benefits of mineral makeup:
    • ◦ It enables even application of mineral foundation.
    • ◦ It enables to use just a tiny amount of product for a single application
    • ◦ It won’t irritate your skin.
    • ◦ It blends perfectly with your skin tone leaving it flawless.
  • • A quick and easy recommended application routine:
    • ◦ Moisturize your skin as usual.
    • ◦ Apply a tiny bit of mineral product on the foundation lid.
    • ◦ Swirl the product gentle, so it is evenly distributed on the brush.
    • ◦ Tap an excess of the product from the brush to the lid.
    • ◦ Apply with slow circular motions all over your face.
    • ◦ Repeat the process if you need more coverage.

About us

a few facts about our brand and our company
• Sampure Minerals is family-owned.
• The brand was established in 2009 in Great Britain.
• Our first product line was Instant Glow (and it is still a hit).
• We love minerals, their benefits and versatile makeup you can create with it.
• We are 100% cruelty free.
• We are halal certified and vegan & vegetarian certified.
• We are a multiple awarded brand.
• Family run business means we believe in providing top quality to our customer
• It also means we build strong and long-lasting relations with our distributors.